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New Account:

I will not be uploading on this account anymore! <3


Dispel tumblr:

some of you maybe wondering what is Dispel, since me and :iconfaildogg:
have been uploading quite a few works related to it. It's been 5 years (when we were about... 10?) since we've created it and I have to say, it has evolved into something much more meaningful and though provoking. Dispel was at first meant to be a comedy-animation using Maple Story sprites.. Like 10 billion years ago, but since we kept on altering the storyline, we never got any animation done. Dispel will someday, be created into a manga. The plot is almost complete, after some organizing, and adding some more ideas we will finally be finishheddd! Gahh. yeah. But of course thats hard to say, because as we mature the storyline matures aswell. butyeahitshouldbefinsihedsoon!

Dispel is set in a reallly --almost cliche setting . A fantasy world with magic and all that fun stuff where demon hunters assemble in groups to fight! Yes. but I assure you that dispel is going to be much more than that. We realized overtime that we did not want to make Dispel a manga where the reallystrongpeoplewillcoolspecialpowersfightagaisntsatanorsomething. We aim for each chapter to at some extent --be able to relate to the reader. Or propose a controversial subject.ormakeyoucry.jk. Nooo it's not going to be super complicated, I will assure you that everything will make sense at the end... like a nice circle C: --and I will also promise some humor. well. me and Lindsy's sense of humor... If people find it funny. he.ha. ha. ._.

The Main main main characters will be girls sisters. nogl..butIguesswecantreallystopyoufrmolookingatitthatway.
Sukai & Rika

ehermrm and yes there are dudes --ijustneveruploadthem. I think right now there are more guys than girls. butehmyeahtimetosleep.

ill insert some quotes later.
Well a wonderful wonderful person gifted me with a 3 month premium membership and I was able to change my username to
Ceruru! Yay. This will be the final and last name change/account move so I hope you guys wont be too annoyed.. :x

So yup, watch Ceruru if you would like to see anything new. I plan on uploading alot more! (Though many of the sketches that I drew in Sai.. that I wanted to post on tumblr were forever obliterated)... stupid window updates. WHY DOESN'T SAI HAVE A RECOVERY?!? But the bright side is... I guess is that I will redraw the sketches lost... better? Or well at least, they will be completed into drawings.

In the mean time I will be re-uploading a few things on that account.

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